Th uchiha

Uchiha Clan Symbol

One of the clans hunted to extinction in the Fifth Shinobi World War. Their signature doujutsu has mutated in many of their decendants creating two seperate clans. However the Sharingan can still appear randomly throughout the world from individuals that are share this bloodline. Rare and random some of the most notable Uchiha decendants have been members of the Sarutobi Clan.


  • Katon Goukakyuu- The fireball jutsu. A C-ranked flame transforamtion ninjutsu used as a sort of 'right of passage' in old times for the clan.
  • Sharingan

    Sharingan once it is fully mastered.

    Sharingan- The trademark jutsu of the Uchiha Clan. This jutsu allows the user to predict enemy movements, and copy some jutsu the opponent may used once the jutsu is completly mastered, and use some genjutsu. The only way to unlock this jutsu is to be in a life threatening situation or emotional threat.