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Welcome to Shinobi of The Order's Wikia! It is the best place to find information about the game known as SoTO! We advise you to put in any information you can as we love to hear other sides of the story!

Shinobi of The Order is a game created by Raffile to mimic the world of Naruto on a online site called Byond. Though the shinobi world has changed alot on this game and only somethings are simular to that of naruto, making it a fan based game. SoTO as the playerbase and owner calls it is seperated into different books. The First Book of SoTO is called Kokuei's Revenge which lasted several OOC year. The games timeline tends to move forward or backwords depending on the owners plan's for the game. Search the game on byond and have fun with a great playerbase!

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