The Village Hidden in the Stone, dubbed one of the New Great Nations, once called their leader the Ishimasut. Things, however, have changed, as the leader is now the Torikage. However, even though this village is so great, durring the first book Stone Country was invaded and taken over by there neighboring country, Bird Country many years ago. The village gained its shinobi status due to the migrating shinobi from Sunagakure, and other smaller villages around them.

The village appointed Jin as the first Shodaime Torikage after the Land of Birds gained its Great Nation status.

Destroyed in the Fifth Shinobi World War


  • Elementalist
  • Weapon Specialist
  • Fan User
  • Poison Specialist
  • (People) Genjutsu Specialist
  • Medical Shinobi
  • Taijutsu Specialist
  • Puppet User
  • Scout
  • Frog Sage


  • Suna-Kami (Magnetic Chakra)
  • Nara
  • Akimichi
  • Aburame