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The Inuzuka clan is a very noble clan within Amegakure. There mastery over Ninken is known all around the world. If you were to ever fight this clan you best be prepared for they have extremely strong ninjutsu, and taijutsu techniques.


  • Summon Dog- The first Inuzuka jutsu. This has no real IC purpose. This jutsu makes it so you can summon an OOC dog to eithier attack, or use Juujin Bunshin.

  • Shikyaku no Jutsu- This is the second Inuzuka jutsu. You preform the Tiger Hand seal, and then you stand on all fours. This jutsu greatly enhances you strength, and speed making it a jutsu to fear.

  • Gatsuga- The strongest Inuzuka jutsu coded in. This jutsu makes you a spinning thing of death. Once you hit an opponent with this jutsu they become extremely injured. This jutsu can be done alone or with your pet ICly. This cannot be done with a pet OOCly.

Gatsuga being used by Inuzuka, Exor


Leader- Inuzuka, Exor the leader of the Inuzuka clan. He is easily called the strongest Inuzuka member out there so he is extremely strong. He has mastered all of the Inuzuka jutsus, and also has two wolfs. One of them is a black skinny wolf. His name is "Takumi". His other dog is a furry, meaty white, and blue wolf named "Basaka".