Haan, the Collector

Opon first being introduced, Haan was known as a bounty hunter, and had always been one even as a young kid his father taught him how to kill people without others noticing...Haan was specialized in assassionation abilities, He had pale skin, and white hair..After his killing, the man would take the headband of his opponent, marking with his Kunai, an 'H' on it.. Haan's family was always wealthy, they gained money for taking out large hits...And large deals.

Haan had grown up to liking taking others things...He on a journey, encountered a group of shinobi that wielded the Sameheda, a shark skinned sword. With his Zanbuntou he took them out quickly, cutting off their heads and handing them to his respective leader. He gained atleast 40,000,000 ryo. He loved to come in, intemidating his opponents with his quote,"Another head, another dollar..."

Haan, though powerful with the ability to use Suiton jutsu, had lost to the village of Ishigakure after attacking them for a second time, His sword lay on the bridge..Untouched. HE had been revived by a hidden force, made into the Dark Army. When he returned to get his sword back, He was ten times stronger.

Haan became noticed for his bounty hunting, his prices and offers went up. He met a formable opponent, Exor...But, he had yet to kill or even touch him due to people always interfering inbetween his chances. Haan then pledged his allegance to Amegakure fully, taking on to joining a group of five shinobi. They went with the name of Amehitsogoroshi, a strong and powerful force. United with their blades, they were out to hunt anything, their first target.. Exor... But before he could get to him, the large battle had happened, wiping him of his memory, and killing everyone left. Or so it seemed.. Nobody knows if Haan is truely dead or not..


Haan was a very skilled Suiton user, said to be the best of his time...He was also great with weapons, able to preform in a clutch moment with the Sameheda at all times that he could...Haan himself, was noticed as a Kiseki, but he had had the DNA placed in him of a Hozuki himself.. Giving him the ability to regenerate into water. Haan was given the power to never die, being apart of the Dark army after his first death and loss of the Sameheda, which granted him power to come back alive even stronger than before...Though he lost that power once being unsealed, and would have been killable, but he was too powerful.


  • Samaheda
  • Suiton Scrolls.(5)
  • Summoning Scroll
  • Zanbuntou
  • Chained Scythes