Avainer is an Amegakure Chuunin. He was borned in Amegakure and raised by none other than his deceased brother.

At genin level, Avainer foolishly joined the chuunin exam without a squad. He also joined late, giving everyone who needs his scroll an advantage. However, using his skills, he managed to reach it by wining three battles. Then, he managed to win the last part of the exam; thus become a Chuunin.

Yuki-clan-symbol He carrys a bow with him and about 40 arrows at most times. He is serious when it comes to combat and deadly when it comes to his enemy. Once war started against the Vampires, Avainer took out a Vampire with ease, and almost elimnated a Jounin that escaped.

Fights so far

  • Avainer Versus Kanjo - Avainer wins.
  • Avainer Versus Senna - Avainer wins
  • Avainer Versus Itoe - Avainer wins
  • Avainer Versus Vampire that Sucks - Avainer killed Vampire.
  • Avainer vs Aoi - Avainer won. (Aoi ran)
  • Avainer vs Yuki, Himikiri - Failed/Lost ( Himikiri escaped with prisoner.)