Aoi Ensignia

Arishu Clan insignia

The Arishu clan is a clan dwelling within the rough terain of Ishigakure, and notorious for their sneaky and underhanded methods. They are ant farmers by nature, and, are actually quite strong. They are known for their usage of ants in battle.


The people of the Arishu themselves are a very quiet clan. They have a large number of environmentalist tendencies, and enjoy living in harmony with the natural world. They have a cultural knowledge of geology and ecology, born from their close partnership to the ants that they carry with them. In battle, they are strategic and tactical. The isolation of the people of the Arishu has created a rather odd society, and as a result, the members of this are often rather rude and not self-conscious like other people. This is not intentional, but merely a result of their clan’s ways. They have a firm sense of clan pride as well, and a distinctive set of honor.


  • Hitomu Arishu (Current Clan Head)
  • Kano Arishu (Heir to Clan Head)


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